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Key Financial Data

5 Year Financial Data (£)
(full year)
(full year)
(full year)
(full year)
(full year)
(full year)
Gross written premium £268.4m £279.4m £242.0m £172.8m £147.5m £106.1m
Operating (Loss)/Profit £(39.8m) £12.4m £21.7m £24.8m £20.2m £17.5m
(Loss)/Profit before tax £(42.1m) £10.0m £20.1m £23.1m £18.3m £16.8m
Shareholders' funds £107.5m £153.3m £152.1m £101.7m £85.2m £76.8m
Combined ratio 120.9% 94.7% 78.1% 91.2% 80.5% 76.9%
(Loss)/Earnings per share (basic) (67.5p) 18.6p 36.8p 55.4p 38.4p 34.1p
(Loss)/Earnings per share (diluted) (67.5p) 17.9p 35.6p 53.8p 38.4p 34.1p
Dividend per share 4.4p 14.6p 13.3p 12.1p 11.0p 10.0p
Net assets per share 214p 300p 296p 290p 242p 217p
Net tangible assets per share 184p 270p 266p 245p 198p 173p
Press Releases: 20/10/14: Hardy builds Property and Engineering capability with the hire of two new Senior Underwriters  |  04/09/14: Hardy Appoints Two New Underwriting Experts to Drive Engineering Business in Asia  |  12/08/14: Tom Motamed Appointed Chairman of CNA Europe Board Of Directors  |  07/08/14: David Brosnan Appointed Chief Executive of CNA Europe  |  07/08/14: John Hennessy Appointed President and COO of CNA Canada  |  02/07/14: Hardy Appoints Anna Maria D'Hulster as Non-Executive Director  |  14/05/14: Hardy appoints new Head of Casualty Underwriting  |  19/02/14: Hardy Appoints David Brosnan Chief Executive  |  19/12/13: Hardy Appoints David Stevens Director to Board and Chief Financial Officer  |  21/10/13: Hardy makes senior appointment to its property treaty business  |